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What is canine hydrotherapy?


Hydrotherapy is controlled exercise in warm water (28-32 degrees), which helps reduce weight bearing. It can help improve muscle wastage which occurs quickly following reduced movement, injury or surgery

Hydrotherapy can help your dog in many ways but is well known to help relieve the effects of pain and provide a better quality of life for your dog. Common issues or conditions treated with hydrotherapy (just to name a few) are:

  • Hip/elbow dysplasia

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Muscle wastage

  • Obesity

  • Total or partial ruptured cruciate ligament

  • Luxating patella

  • Neurological conditions

  • Soft tissue injury or ligament damage

  • Spinal surgery


It can also help reduce swelling, improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, support joints from wear and tear, improve gait pattern and offer mental stimulation.

Puppy sessions

  • Puppy water confidence sessions. We aid your puppy in their first introduction to water in a safe environment. Fully aided by a qualified hydrotherapist. This will also aid your puppy whilst developing.  Too much land-based exercise can cause strain on growing joints which could lead to later health issues.


Fun and fitness sessions

  • These sessions are designed for fit and healthy dogs who are not diagnosed with any health condition. We often see dogs who are nervous, need water confidence, extra forms of exercise or mental stimulation.  A vet consent form is still required for these sessions.

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