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New for 2020, our weekly scent sessions. We are offering sessions from level 1 and can build up to level 8. 

Scent work UK is training a dog onto a ‘target odour’ in class, with the view for those who want to, to develop the skill and attend trials which are available up and down the UK. The scents used are cloves, gun oil and truffle oil.  Each dog will be worked individually during each session (on or off lead) to train them to use their nose to find the desired scent and give an indication to the handler.

Scent work is open to any breed and age – from puppies to OAP’s. it is a low impact sport and fantastic for metal stimulation and tiring them out as well as building confidence. Even Winston, the House of Hound Pug is an expert at scent work. 

Our Classes

Our classes are at St Bartholomew’s Church – Grange Moor, currently on Monday evenings between 7-8pm.  We offer blocks of sessions to build dogs up through the levels. 

Trials nearby are held in Honely, Huddersfield – with a variety of dates available (please ask us directly)

The benefits of scent work are massive, it can help with reactivity, confidence, redirecting excitement on to a task and building a bond with the owner. Its also lots of fun!

All of our classes and workshops are listed on our facebook page

Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the dogs enjoying finding the scent!

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