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At House of Hound we want to offer you and your pet a complete service so we have added a few extra services.

One of our favourites is the perfect fit harness fitting service.

We believe that the equipment we use on our dogs is hugely important and when it comes to harnesses they need to fit correctly so they don't restrict movement or rub.

The perfect fit harness is in our opinion the best harness for day to day use on the market. 

It comes in 3 sections that can be adjusted to fit 'perfectly' 

Our fitting service is appointment only so we have time to spend making sure we get the right fit so give us a call or email to book.



We also have a wonderful Wedding Chaperone service where we attend you wedding as your Dogs handler for the day, we have a whole separate page all about this service.

And finally we stock a wonderful range of treats, supplements, chews and health products in our shop for you to browse through when you visit us.

If you would like any further information about any of our products or services please get in touch.

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