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Dog Parkour is an activity where you work with your dog to get them interact with obstacles and demonstrate Dog Parkour behaviours.

These level 1 behaviours are:

  1. 2 feet on

  2. 4 feet on

  3. Under

  4. Through

  5. In

  6. Creativity

  7. Sequence


These can be completed with challenges which include

  1. Natural environments

  2. Built up environments

  3. Urban environments


Dogs can work towards titles which can be achieved via video submission for reactive or unsocial dogs, or in person during the workshop.  Each title achieved obtains a rosette for the dog once they pass the criteria.


Who is dog parkour for?

  • This is a low impact activity which is suitable for all breeds and ages.  Each behaviour could be adapted for any dog.

  • Suitable for reactive and anxious dogs, it can build confidence and allow owners who cannot often take part in sports achieve titles with their dog.


Workshops are delivered at St Bartholomew’s Church – Grange Moor, or within the Huddersfield or surrounding areas outdoors. They would last approximately 3 hours, with a title included.

All of our Dog Parkour events are listed on our facebook page 

Scroll through the gallery to see some of the dogs doing Parkour!

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