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What is mantrailing?

  • Mantrailing is now the fastest growing dog sport in the UK.  It quite simply is teaching your dog to hunt down a ‘missing person’ in an exciting game and to distinguish their scent to find them.

How does my dog ‘do’ mantrailing?

  • All dogs (unless with a medical condition) have the ability to use their nose in a ‘race against time’ to find a missing person, they just need to be shown how. During a 3-hour introduction, you and your dog will be taught the ‘game’ of mantrailing.

How will mantrailing help me or my dog?

  • Mantrailing helps pet/owner bonding as you are doing a sport together as a team

  • It helps increase confidence

  • It is a social activity and is done as part of a group

Who is Mantrailing for?

  • Mantrailing is for everyone! You can join in regardless of age, breed or disability.  

  • It is a low impact sport which offers less strain on joints, so puppies and younger dogs can also join in

  • Mantrailing is for anyone who wants fun with their dog.

My dog is reactive, surely, I will not be able to join in?

  • All dogs are worked one at a time on a long line with harness.  Any breed can join in and we take each case individually.  We just need to be aware of any quirks or issues they may have with people, places or other dogs so we can tailor the session to suit.

I am not able to make weekly sessions; can I still join in?

  • Of course! Mantrailing is designed to work around all clients.  Our introduction workshops are 3 hours long, but following this you can book onto any of our progression sessions to suit you.

Where do you do mantrailing?

  • We offer our sessions outdoors.  Whether it is rural or urban, busy or quiet, we trail it all. 

(Not for the fair-weather dog owner, we trail all weathers in daylight and dark! You will need to dress for the weather)


What would I need to take part?

  • Yourself and your dog

  • A long line (not retractable)

  • Small pots with lids (pocket size)

  • A harness for your dog

  • High value food.  We recommend something that is not regularly used for general training

  • High value toy (if you have one, as a backup)

  • Suitable shoes, coat, hat and gloves for weather


Introduction courses

  • Start with some theory of mantrailing and how dogs trail then move onto practical techniques to help you read your dog.  The initial workshop helps you with the basic elements of mantrailing which include

  1. Finding the right reward for your dog – the higher value the better 

  2. Getting your dog to know the game

  3. Getting the handler to be able to read their dog

  4. Positive finds (which could be easy at first, but strengthens the dogs ability to understand the game)


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