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We have a 4 x 5m pool that has been built with the comfort of the dogs as first priority. 

The water is heated to between 28-32 degrees and is tested a minimum of three times daily to maintain correct chemical levels, ensuring the safety and health of your pet. .

Our pool has ramps leading up to it and down into the water to allow easy access for the dogs.

Every animal who is treated in the pool ALWAYS has a valid vet consent form and is accompanied by a qualified hydrotherapist who will guide your dog in the pool during the session. 

Unfortunately, we do not allow clients in the pool with their dog's.  This is to help maintain water quality and manage the session safely.  You are however a vital part of the session and involved from start to end being just next to your dog.

For your appointment you will be the only people and dogs in the pool room so is suitable for reactive dogs and dogs that don't want to mix with others. We also have a exit from the pool room so there is no cross over with the next clients arriving.

All sessions are carried out within the latest COVID guidance - so this might include wearing masks if goverment guidelines.

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